Sakura Bombing Home — サクラ ボミング ホーム

teamLab, 2021, Interactive Digital Installation, Endless, Sound : Hideaki Takahashi

Article publié le 31 mars 2021

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In Japan, students graduate and enter school in the spring. Due to the coronavirus, many schools will not hold graduation or entrance ceremonies this spring in 2021, and students will celebrate their graduation at home. In order to celebrate graduating together, even if graduates are at home, and in order to help them realize that their existence is connected to the world, for this spring period only, Flowers Bombing Home will become Sakura Bombing Home, and students can draw cherry blossoms, a symbol of graduation and entrance to school in Japan.

On graduation day, the cherry blossoms of you and your friends will bloom on the television in your home. Participate at home, celebrate graduation together at home. The cherry blossoms you drew and the cherry blossoms drawn by the people you are graduating with, will create a single artwork, blooming simultaneously on everyone’s television sets.

Draw sakura on a piece of paper, your smartphone, or computer, and upload it. The sakura you draw and the sakura drawn by others bloom and scatter in real time on the YouTube Live Stream. If you connect your home television to YouTube, your television turns into art. As the petals scatter, the various sakura form a single new artwork together.

When a new sakura is born, the name of the town where the sakura was drawn is shown.

You can also download Your Flower Art, which combines the sakura you draw with those drawn by people around the world.

The novel coronavirus has forced the world to become more isolated, causing people to become confined to their homes. Flowers Bombing Home was created to help us realize that our existence is connected to the world and to celebrate the fact that the world is connected.

The flowers that people draw around the world will bloom until the end of the coronavirus. When the coronavirus ends, they will bloom and scatter all at once in various places all over the world. And, in the future, perhaps the flowers will continue to bloom forever as an artwork for people to remember this era.

2021年の春は、新型コロナウイルスの影響で、多くの学校では卒業式や入学式を開催せず、学生は家で卒業を迎える。たとえ家にいても、共に卒業することを祝福するために、そして、自分たちの存在が世界とつながっていると実感することを願い、この春の期間だけ「Flowers Bombing Home」は、日本における卒業や入学の象徴である桜を描ける「Sakura Bombing Home」になる。




また、あなたが描いた桜と、同じ町で描かれた桜が一つの作品となって、Your Flower Artができ、ダウンロードできる。

「Flowers Bombing Home」は、新型コロナによって世界中が分断していく中、家に閉じこもっていなければならないときであっても、自分の存在が世界とつながっている実感のために、そして、世界がつながっていることを祝福するためにはじめた。


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