Rhythmanalysis – Research Symposium Series – Nouvel article

Dernier ajout : 30 mai.


Temporalities, Rhythms & Complexity Lab – Research Symposium Series 2024 — Hosted by Dr. Michel Alhadeff-Jones, Dr. Fadia Dakka & Dr. Gaia Del Negro


Following the 2023 Research Symposium Series on « Spaces, Times & the Rhythms of Adult Education », the 2024 TRC Lab Research Symposium Series focused on the methodological potential of Rhythmanalysis. Both as an object of inquiry and as an interpretive lens, rhythm can offer untapped spaces for experimentation in human sciences but equally raises methodological dilemmas, especially at the stage of operationalization. In this series of webinars, we explored methods, research designs, and clinical orientations, developed from, or inspired by Lefebvre’s (1992/2004) undertheorized insights on rhythm. Hence we have invited seven scholars from Brazil, Italy, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, who have worked with Rhythmanalysis in their respective fields or across disciplines, to share their experiences and foster debate around its affordances and limitations from a methodological perspective.


The seminars are also designed to enable a collective reflection on the current state of affairs and potentialities of rhyhtmanalytical research and practice. We wanted to hear about new and existing ways of researching (with) Rhythmanalysis, and discuss how these might inform ways of teaching, learning, consulting, and coaching, concerned with critical (self-)reflection, transformational and/or emancipatory processes.

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