On Rhythm Science by Kurita Sendo

Henry Medison
Article publié le 19 août 2012
Pour citer cet article : Henry Medison , « On Rhythm Science by Kurita Sendo  », Rhuthmos, 19 août 2012 [en ligne]. https://www.rhuthmos.eu/spip.php?article656

I hold myself much honored to say anything
definite on the so-called Rhythm science. This science
or philosophy has first been propounded by Dr. Kurita,
a Japanese savant. It is a monistic experimental
philosophy, and has taken shape as a new science,
aiming at penetrating both the noumenal existences
and the phenomenal world, to afford a final, satisfactory
elucidation to the mystical universe. The propounder
himself calls it a new science, though it may
with equal propriety be styled a new philosophy. [...]

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